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Welcome to the FAQ edition of my Theatrical Thursday Blog!

Isn’t today Wednesday?

Yes, astute reader, today is Wednesday. I’m posting my Thursday blog a day early because: 1) I miscounted my weeks and this school blog assignment is due tomorrow, and 2) I have an appointment Thursday at the Department of Veterans Affairs to get blood drawn, and didn’t want to cram this in between that and class 😉

What’s the latest writing news?

Love’s Misbehaving Magic (Wildcrest Witches, #3) is with my editor. I’m still looking at a December release – in time for the holidays! That also still gives readers time to catch up on books one and two, since book three completes the trilogy, and they absolutely need to be read in order.

Are these really Frequently Asked Questions?

Maybe? In all seriousness, no, not really, but my school assignment needed different blog types, so I thought an FAQ would be fun. With my personal spin on it, of course, to wrap up the assignment.

So, wait, today is the last blog post?

Indeed, it is, but this doesn’t have to be the end! To stay in touch, I highly encourage you to sign up for my weekly Theatrical Thursday Newsletter, where I share updates on my writing and release schedule, as well as let you know about sales and freebies. Click the link and sign up today!!

6 thoughts on “11-2-2022”

  1. I’m sure many of your readers are looking forward to the completion of the Wildcrest Witches trilogy.

    1. I know!! I’m thrilled to continue the story of my witches… and there might even be a bonus book next year. But, shhh, that hasn’t been announced yet 😉

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