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In writing news this week, I have two major pieces of news…

The first is that my self-editing on book three in the Wildcrest Witches series is complete, and the book heads to the editor on Monday for her to work her magic (you see what I did there? And if you didn’t see what I did there, that means you haven’t read the series… you can check out the first two books here).

My second major piece of news is that I’m in a new anthology! Regular readers of mine know I participated in my first anthology in 2020, benefiting a charity helping wildlife after the horrific California wildfires, and my second anthology in 2021, trying to hit the USA Today Bestseller list (we didn’t make it, but what a whirlwind experience!) Now I’m back, participating in a third anthology.

So, without further ado, I’m thrilled to announce my inclusion in Love is in the Air, a new limited edition anthology in support of breast cancer research. Almost 100 authors have come together to offer brand new stories of second chances!

For me, this is personal. I’ve watched too many friends and family members battle breast cancer over the years… feeling helpless while they’ve struggled, cheering when they’ve survived, and crying when they haven’t. This is an opportunity to do my small part to give back, and our author group hopes to write the biggest check next year.

If you’d like to support the cause and get some awesome stories from both bestsellers and new voices in romance, preorder your copy here for only 99 cents.

Comment below when you’ve preordered your copy 😉

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