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Welcome to my new blog!

Why am I writing a blog? For a school assignment 😉 Many of you know that I’m back in school pursuing my Master of Science in Marketing degree at the University of South Florida (yay for the GI Bill!). So help a woman out by commenting below and showing my blog post some love. In all seriousness, for the next few weeks, I plan on updating readers on the new and fabulous in my author world right here on my website.

What’s new?

This week’s blog post centers on a major change to my Appearances and New Releases Newsletter. I normally release a newsletter once a month to announce (not surprisingly) when I have appearances and new releases. However, much more happens in most months. The unfortunate result is that readers have missed out on time sensitive information. Nobody wants to miss out on sales, freebies, and last-minute appearances!

For example, this week, Amazon’s paperback pricing has gone wonky for many authors, including me. Don’t buy any paperbacks from Amazon for the next week or so, as many prices are two or three times what we’ve actually set. Not all paperbacks have been impacted, but just to make sure you don’t overspend when it’s not necessary, I’d hold off until confirmation that the glitch has been resolved. Amazon is aware of it – LOTS of authors have been hit by it – but they don’t have a timeline for resolution.

To reflect the change, I’m renaming the newsletter to Theatrical Thursday Newsletter. I chose an adjective that fits the over-the-top nature of my brand, while also being a nod to the recurrent theme of the entertainment industry in my stories. Plus, you know, I’m also an actress.

What other names did I consider? I also considered Thriving, but that felt too tied to my nonfiction writing. Though of course, thriving is what we all want to be doing. I considered Thrilling, to represent my mystery writing. But I worried that ignored the romance stories too much (although love is certainly thrilling!). And, finally, Thumping, simply because it made me laugh. I mean, Thumping Thursday sounds fun, right??

What do you think? Comment below on the new name… oh, and if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, but would like to, click here.

22 thoughts on “10-13-2022”

    1. I don’t think so, because the pricing seems really random. It does appear to be a legitimate glitch. But, yeah, one of my paperbacks is currently priced at $30, lol. I wrote it, and even I wouldn’t pay that much!

  1. I share a Sunday morning blog of musings to friends from undergraduate as well as graduate school. Mostly, it is random thoughts of whatever gets me interested over the week. Mainly music, writing and politics – and of course when my kids or someone on list is involved in something interesting. For me, it is a time of reflection and therapy, and still being connected to meaningful people who were once influential in my life.

  2. I like Thumping Thursday also. It is unique and unpredictable. I see that you wanted to use alliteration. Is there a reason for this or just that it has a nice sound?

  3. Nicole Kemnitzer

    Thanks for the Amazon info !! Theatrical Thursday is a great name ! You are inspiring me to go back to school !! 🙂

  4. A very apt name. Great information regarding Amazon book pricing. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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