Heather Silvio

Spirits in Savannah

A Doctor Danger Mystery

Yo-ho-ho, it’s a pirate’s life for one haunted family… if they live that long.

When a family shares repeating nightmares of a vengeful pirate after vacationing in Savannah, Georgia, they hire supernatural specialist Doctor Sarah Danger and her team to stop the destructive haunting.

Doctor Danger is an expert in freeing people tormented by the supernatural. Traveling to the oldest city in Georgia, she and her team expect to quickly identify and disarm the pirate apparition terrorizing their clients.

But in one of the most haunted cities in America, where ghosts cross between realms, Sarah uncovers a series of riddles needed to break the ghost’s curse. As the haunting escalates, she must rely on her empath abilities to crack the case. Can she solve the riddles in time, or will she fall victim to the curse herself?

Don’t miss out on the supernatural thriller of the Spirits in Savannah from the author of the Paranormal Talent Agency.

Rated PG-13: Appropriate for teenagers to adults.