Heather Silvio

Not Quite Famous

Meet 20-something “professional background actress” Graciella Corsini as she orbits on the fringe of the entertainment industry in the most exciting city in the world, New York City.

When cast on the hottest daytime drama on television, Gracie fights the temptation of her off-limits but otherwise perfect romantic match – the show’s star, Julian.

Already dodging the nefarious actions of Alicia, an ex-lover’s wife, the stakes skyrocket when Gracie tangles with mobster Tommy after witnessing illegal activity.

Will Alicia succeed in spoiling Gracie’s newfound happiness?
Is Gracie bound to end up sleeping with the fishes, courtesy of Tommy?
Can Gracie and Julian find their way to true love?


Chapter 1

“Las Vegas?” I asked the question slowly. This could be an amazing career move, but I loved New York City. I rubbed my hands over the soft leather of the office couch on which I perched at the edge. I was delaying my response. Las Vegas? It was hard to imagine that people actually lived there.


“Catherine. Don’t overthink it. What does your gut say? Do you want to establish the West Coast arm of the Peterson Talent Agency in Las Vegas?” Sidney Peterson asked again, green eyes watching me analyze the opportunity in my head. He knew, despite his directive to the contrary, I was absolutely a think-before-I-speak kind of woman.


I stood and walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows of Sidney’s office. The spectacular view of the city never failed to mesmerize. My mind whirled with possibilities and my stomach tightened with anxiety. Or maybe exhilaration? If Sidney was right, and he believed he was, this would be an incredible opportunity to get in on the ground floor.


With the proposed increase in tax incentives provided by the state of Nevada, many in the entertainment world believed that significantly more production companies would start filming in the state, and that the existing talent agencies might not quite be ready to handle the influx of larger projects. If PTA opened a branch now, well, we’d be able to sign the most promising acting prospects. And I could live in Sin City, where it was a heck of a lot warmer than in the Big Apple.


“Why me?” I finally asked. “You have more senior agents.” Although admittedly, I was repping our biggest client: Gracie Corsini, recently married and newest star of one of the remaining soap operas shooting in NYC, “Heart’s Home”.


“I do,” he agreed, running a hand through his buzz cut brown hair. “However, you’re extremely creative. You’ve demonstrated considerable management skills of the organizational challenges of this business and the sometimes difficult personalities. And you’ve done so while always remaining calm. I imagine we’ll need a lot of all of that in Vegas.”


I thought for a few more moments while watching Sidney’s body language. He projected the air of calm expectation that I’d say yes. His steepled fingers on his desk and the tightness in his jaw betrayed his doubt. He believed I could do it. I guess he wasn’t sure if I believed I could do it. He should have more faith in his instincts.


“I’ll do it,” I declared and Sidney smiled.


“My realtor, John, has a hold on some office space; I’ll want you to check it out and okay it.”


“Sure, no problem. Anything else I need to know?”


“I’d like to have you up and running by the end of the month. Can you do that?”


Gulp and a breath. “Absolutely.”


“And, John sent me an article; the biggest entertainment story right now is the death of a young twenty-something actress of a heart attack.”


“Oh my gosh, that’s terrible! Though we clearly need to give them a bigger story to care about.”


Sidney laughed. “Yes, we do.”


“And we will by the end of the month,” I said with a smile.


“You know what caught my eye about the story?”




“How much she looked like you, with her blond hair and blue eyes.”


“Okay, that’s creepy, Sidney. Besides, I am not a young twenty-something.”


“You could pass for it, though.”


“Moving on.”


Sidney laughed again. “I trust you, Catherine, and I know you’ll make us proud.”


Only thirty years old and I was about to head up the West Coast branch of one of the top New York City talent agencies.



5 star review on Amazon from Dan K:

If you’re looking for a fast-paced who-dunnit crime puzzler with a dash of the paranormal thrown in the mix, look no further. Author Heather Silvio blends red-hot personas with an exciting story that’s sure to keep you turning the pages. The drama centers around Catherine Rodham, an upbeat but shrewd talent agent whose recent move to Las Vegas has brought unforeseen excitement into her already bustling career. She has a real knack for signing top talent, but when her biggest and brightest star becomes a murder suspect in a serial killing spree in town, she’s forced to rethink her ability to judge the trustworthiness of those whom she invites into the fold.


A master at visualization, Silvio takes us on a whirlwind journey through Sin City where we hobnob with the top trendsetters and the town’s elite. Whether it be at a resort on the famed Strip, or at a swanky party at one of the Valley’s poshest addresses, Silvio paints a perfect setting for a murder mystery that had me on the edge of my seat until the very end. Twists and turns abound in every chapter in this fast-paced read. It kept me guessing to the last page. By the time everything wrapped up, I was begging for more. Lucky for me, there are…other novels to enjoy in this tantalizing series!



5 star review from Debi on Goodreads

So I am a self proclaimed non paranormal reader, but lately it seems I’m reading more and more of this genre and some are ok, and some are completely awesome…like this one. This was so much fun to read, it felt like a mixture of many different things and rom com kept coming to mind, which is one of my favorite genres.


I loved this storyline, and it was told perfectly for it being such a quick read, it never felt rushed or felt like it skipped around too much. The character building was just enough and I fell in love with both Alex and Catherine and loved to dislike a few others, and I have a lot of questions about a couple of them…This was somewhat of a suspense and it was fun trying to solve the case…which does not seem solved at all in my opinion, it seemed way too easy and I can’t get out of my head how Alex convinced the police in his way that everything was as it seemed, and I love how this is moving into another book. There is a background story going on that I’m thinking will continue through this series and I can not wait!!


This author is brand new to me and she has quickly moved to my one click list because her writing is completely aligned with what I love about reading.


Loved Loved Loved It!!