Heather Silvio

non series fiction


After professional background actress Graciella Corsini is cast on the hottest daytime drama on television, she fights the temptation of her off-limits but otherwise perfect romantic match, while dodging the nefarious actions of an ex-lover’s wife and a disgruntled mobster.


Take a wild ride through short stories and poetry ranging across the supernatural realm, including alien abductions and alien invasions, life after death, demonic possession, and epic battles between good and evil.


How does it feel to know that your presence in someone’s life can condemn that person to death?  When an avoidant young man is forced to accept that a female stalker has been killing perceived romantic rivals in his life, he takes an unexpected chance to uncover her identity before his new family falls victim to her.

An Unexpected Sequel

Mid-Season Premiere of the Paranormal Talent Agency
Five years ago, a desperate witch made a pact with a demon. Now Robin Landon, the owner of Landon Talent Agency, splits her time between managing the actors she represents and laboring as a demon’s minion.

When Robin refuses the demon’s order to kill Jackson McKee, a witch with a day job as a camera operator, she must balance her growing feelings for the intended target and evading the vengeful demon’s wrath.

Out of options, Robin turns to her former nemeses with the Paranormal Talent Agency. Will their daring plan save Jackson from the demon, or will Robin lose both her chance at love and her life?

Jumping the Shark

The Penultimate Episode of the Paranormal Talent Agency
Demon Barbara Knollman enjoys her reign as the head of Las Vegas and barely tolerates the necessity of running for office. But when her precognitive abilities save her from an attack on the candidates, she becomes both target and suspect.

Uncertain of her next steps, Barbara agrees to help angel Liam Collins stop a supernatural being hellbent on taking control of the paranormal world by whatever means necessary. And wonders if she’s heading down a path of no return.

Accused of murder and with her demonic powers on the fritz, Barbara allows Liam to convince her to team with the Paranormal Talent Agency. Can Barbara clear her name, stop a killer… and open her dark heart to true love?

The Season Finale

The Exciting Conclusion of the Paranormal Talent Agency
Television reporter Elizabeth “Liz” Addison is investigating the supernatural story of a lifetime. Except she doesn’t know what it is, just who it is – Catherine Rodham, owner of the Paranormal Talent Agency.

Liz knows she’s on the right track when a time-traveling ghost warns her that she’ll die if she continues the investigation. She ignores the threats until her romantic interest in Antonio “Tony” DiMaio, the were-panther owner of Soprannaturale, puts him directly in the supernatural line of fire.

To save Tony and uncover the truth about Catherine, Liz and the Paranormal Talent Agency join together for one last wild adventure in the paranormal world of Las Vegas!