Heather Silvio

Paranormal Talent Agency, #5

Jumping The Shark

The Penultimate Episode of the Paranormal Talent Agency

Demon Barbara Knollman enjoys her reign as the head of Las Vegas and barely tolerates the necessity of running for office. But when her precognitive abilities save her from an attack on the candidates, she becomes both target and suspect.

Uncertain of her next steps, Barbara agrees to help angel Liam Collins stop a supernatural being hellbent on taking control of the paranormal world by whatever means necessary. And wonders if she’s heading down a path of no return.

Accused of murder and with her demonic powers on the fritz, Barbara allows Liam to convince her to team with the Paranormal Talent Agency. Can Barbara clear her name, stop a killer… and open her dark heart to true love?

Short & Sweet Paranormal Romance with Supernatural Suspense

This is the fifth book in the Paranormal Talent Agency series. Much like on television, each episode contains a complete sweet paranormal romance and supernatural murder mystery. But the crossover characters and hints of a larger story suggest reading these in order.

Chapter 1

Humanity drove me bananas; how hard was it to do what a demon wanted? I glanced at the humans surrounding me. They seemed so excited to support my bid for Mayor, after my years representing them on the city council. Of course, they didn’t know I was a demon.


Tonight was a big night for all of us – the final debate before the primary elections in only one week. I was hanging out with my campaign volunteers to show my thanks for their support, but the metal folding chairs in campaign headquarters were uncomfortable. Who ordered these wretched things?


“Barbara, we’ll be getting on the bus in about an hour. Need to leave in thirty minutes.”


The voice interrupted my pointless wandering thoughts and I focused on the young woman standing before me, brown eyes wide behind bright red glasses. “Thank you, Lynn.” I stood and stretched my arms to the side. Taking the form of a middle-aged human somehow brought aches and pains with it. Not cool. “I’ll be in my office. Please come get me when it’s time.”


“Yes, ma’am.” Lynn Fox, my campaign manager, walked away and I watched her confer with two volunteers. I smiled at the volunteers I passed on my way to my office, and closed the door firmly behind me. And sighed. I understood why they wanted the candidates to arrive together; it made for a better visual. On the other hand, that meant extra travel time to meet the bus.


Unlike in campaigns past, this debate had importance. There were four challengers for the position. I normally wouldn’t care, except that, for the supernatural, the head of the city council is also usually the ruler of the underworld. I’d been the unofficial head of the city council because the current mayor was a human, and an idiot. But he was stepping down. I couldn’t risk a supernatural taking his place who might not want to recognize the existing power structure. I wasn’t planning on giving up my status as Ruler of the Supernatural Underworld.


One of the challengers was a popular local actor, Jeffrey Jenkins. He’d been getting a lot of press lately. That made me nervous, though I still expected to be victorious. It was my destiny. I sighed again. I needed to do well in the debate tonight to solidify my position. Polls showed the two of us running neck and neck, with a fellow supernatural a close third. He was an interesting one, Mark Mammon. Though I hadn’t met him yet.


A mist swirled before me and I braced myself. The mist existed only in my mind, and signaled an impending premonition. I closed my eyes and waited. My mind’s eye showed me the bus for the debate tonight. Hmm. As future me walked toward the bus, movement became tortured. I trudged forward, fighting against the feeling of walking through molasses, knowing I needed to get on that bus. It became too difficult. Future me stopped fighting and froze, a weight lifted. I watched the bus doors close and the bus drive away. Part of me felt like I should call after it; I couldn’t not get on the bus. I needed to be at the debate. But, future me felt relieved.


Present me snapped her eyes open in the office. The premonition was over. Now to figure out what it meant. I tapped my fingers on the plastic folding table before me. This could be tricky.


Everything had fallen apart in the past three months. After literally hundreds of years of accurate premonitions, things had become wonky. Only a few months ago, even my minion had been able to break her pact with me. I narrowed my eyes at the thought of Robin Landon’s cheekiness. My premonitions hadn’t breathed a word of that betrayal. More importantly, I’d had a premonition that a witch, Jackson McKee – Robin’s new boyfriend (hard eye roll at that thought) – was involved in a loss of my power, but I’d been unsuccessful in eliminating him. As I admitted to Robin in our last encounter, my precognition was on the fritz. What other explanation could there be for these outcomes?


Thus, my current dilemma. My premonition suggested I shouldn’t get on the bus. Could that be the wrong interpretation? Or maybe the premonition was wrong entirely. I ground my teeth together. A soft knock on the door drew my attention. Lynn poked her head in.


“It’s time, Ms. Knollman.”


I frowned and did not stand.


“Sorry. Barbara.” When I still didn’t respond, Lynn matched my frown. “Is everything okay?”


“Yes. I won’t be taking the debate bus,” I declared, decision made.


Her mouth dropped open for a moment before she recovered. “I’ll inform the coordinator.” She closed the door. At least she knew better than to question me.


Now to see what happened.

5 stars from SaraOxo on Barnes & Noble

Jumping the Shark by Heather Silvio a five-star read you won’t want to jump over. This is number five in the Paranormal Agency series and I would definitely recommend reading the others in order before this one, as it builds to Barbara’s story, we get to see what strings she was pulling, we finally get to pick up on all of the little Easter eggs in previous stories about her power and plans and little nuggets about her, we finally get to see the real character. This really is a great series and this story in particular lets follow the path you finally get to real story, It may be about an election in Las Vegas, but its about so much more.



5 stars from Katie on Goodreads

I really am enjoying this series and I think that this is my favourite book so far! I love how original the stories are, each one connected but also so different. The author’s writing is flawless and an absolute pleasure to read. Her storylines are imaginative and her characters creative and realistic.


In book 5 we see Barbara, a demon and very entertaining character team up with Liam, an angel to try and find out what is going on and clear her name! I really liked Barbara and Liam, I thought they worked well together and had a great amount of chemistry! I still love that hint in the background of these stories that something extra exciting is going to be coming along soon and because of this I would definitely recommend that the stories are read in order! They are all short entertaining reads so any reader would not be disappointed!


I am very excited to see where the author takes the next book!!



5 stars from Angela on Amazon Australia


Jumping the Shark is the fifth book in the Paranormal Talent Agency Series by Heather Silvio. As I have come to expect from Ms. Silvio, this was a really fun paranormal mystery, with some supernatural elements, politics, murder, intrigue, danger, some suspense, quirky and interesting characters, and of course, a sweet romance.


This book may be a short, easy read- but there is nothing lacking about the content. I was really intrigued about following Barbara through her story- especially considering her involvement in previous stories. I wasn’t sure her ‘story’ would live up to the other books, but I shouldn’t have doubted Ms. Silvio, because Jumping the Shark certainly doesn’t disappoint- in fact this has become my favourite of the series, so far- with only one book left to come! I love how all the books combine to build a bigger picture and things that were ‘started’ in previous books finally begin to/come together in this book. We catch up with familiar characters from previous books, as well as a few new ones- which added an extra element of interest to the story. I really enjoyed the clever mystery and the great tension that Ms. Silvio managed to create in her story. I could tell she put a lot of thought, imagination, heart, and soul into her work- the story is a credit to her writing talents.


This definitely has an original spin on the paranormal romance/mystery theme. And as I have said previously with the other books, that I think that the stories and premise would make a fun television series, too.


I am excited to read the final instalment, although it will be a bittersweet moment!


Thank you, Ms. Silvio!