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Dr. Silvio

As a consultant and licensed clinical psychologist (click here for resume), I have had many varied opportunities to provide guidance and assistance to individuals and groups. Here are just a few recent ones:

Most recently, I was a mental health consultant and curriculum developer for Dak Prescott’s Faith, Fight, Finish Foundation working to, among other areas, bridge the gap between law enforcement and communities, continuing the work I previously did at the Police Training Institute.

As the Deputy Director of the Police Training Institute, I worked with law enforcement agencies around the country on implementation of the Connecting Youth & Communities with Law Enforcement program aimed at bridging the gap between law enforcement and youth.

With the Community Safety Institute, I trained law enforcement officers around the country on de-escalation as a holistic police strategy, and trained officers how to teach civilians to survive potentially traumatic events in public spaces.

By combining my clinical knowledge with my acting ability, I am able to provide a psychological perspective on any current news story as a guest expert.

And, although I only did a handful in the summer of 2017, I launched a few short videos Dr Silvio’s Soundbites …60 seconds to a healthier, happier you!

Hope you enjoy the above and please contact me with any questions.

Guest Expert

As a Doctor in Psychology with experience on camera, I am able to provide a psychological perspective on virtually any current news story. I have experience with clients of all ages in general mental health, military, and forensic populations (click here for my resume / CV).

If you are a producer or reporter, I am available to discuss any or all of this in more detail at your convenience. I also remain open to feedback and ideas on how I can best contribute to your programming and inform your viewers.

Enjoy this handful of appearances from the light to the serious:


Zoom appearance on Great Day Live Tampa Bay discussing new year’s resolutions:

Appearance as a relationship expert discussing dating your friend’s ex:

Appearance discussing women choosing dogs over motherhood:

Appearance discussing friends with benefits:

Appearance discussing gender and children’s toy choices:

Appearance discussing psychologists along the Boston Marathon route:

Participation in a two-part series discussing PTSD in veterans:

Appearance as a psychology expert regarding digital dating:

Podcast guest on Diabetes Power Show discussing happiness:
Diabetes Power Show – Happiness by the Numbers: 9 Steps to Authentic Happiness


Specific Area of Expertise:
While the incidence of PTSD in the general population is usually estimated at less than 5%, the media attributes PTSD to nearly every tragedy du jour due to the pervasive coverage of veterans who have developed the disorder from serving in combat, from Vietnam through Afghanistan. This clearly shows that both the media and the general public lack a solid understanding of what is PTSD and what it means. I already published a mini-book on PTSD in 2013 to provide general information; I could contribute to your show as a local guest expert in answering the questions that are raised following specific, usually violent, acts: is it related to PTSD? What does that mean if true? Is it even possible to guess based on available information? And what about the victims and/or witnesses, could they develop PTSD?

Not only am I a licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in PTSD, I am also a veteran myself, with the general knowledge of the military, such as chain of command, that this entails.

Dr. Silvio's Soundbites

Brief experiment with these in the summer of 2017, but still good guidance! Check out the short videos below…

Dr. Silvio’s Soundbites August 2017 – Mindfulness

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