Happiness by the Numbers

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Happiness by the Numbers: 9 Steps to Authentic Happiness 
(Panther Books, 2016)

Do you want to be happy and healthy in body, mind, and spirit? Are you living the life of your dreams? Allow the 9 Steps to Authentic Happiness to guide you to…

Increase physical health by improving how you care for your body…
Enhance emotional health by uncovering the real you and what you want…
Strengthen spiritual health by heightening your connection to self and others…

Recognize that dreams are the reality you have yet to create. Regardless of your current life circumstances, this transformational program will show you how you can choose happiness.

Based on my experience as a clinical psychologist and life coach, Happiness by the Numbers: 9 Steps to Authentic Happiness offers a guide to making immediate, short-term, and long-term changes to dramatically increase your subjective sense of happiness. Happiness comes from healthiness in Body, Mind, and Spirit. In this program there are three Steps within each of these three areas. The 9 Steps in total will thus offer a step by step program to help you achieve balance and healthiness in all three broader areas. The design of the book is like a workbook, asking lots of questions so you can learn and explore alternative ways of thinking and doing.

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