Licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Heather Silvio lives her life by this guiding principle: “Dreams are the reality you have yet to create.”

She has been focused most recently on relaunching her coaching practice, Dream Your Reality Coaching, delving into bite-sized psychological guidance with Dr. Silvio’s Soundbites, and promoting her latest book, the groundbreaking Special Snowflake Syndrome: The Unrecognized Personality Disorder Destroying the World. 

Beyond this important, revolutionary work, Dr. Silvio has authored the following non-fiction books:
Happiness by the Numbers: 9 Steps to Authentic Happiness (transformational self-help book)
The BabyBird Guide to Stress Disorders: A Healing Path for PTSD (PTSD therapy book)

Additionally, Dr. Silvio’s fiction books include:
Not Quite Famous: A Romantic Comedy of an Actress on the Edge (romantic comedy)
Beyond the Abyss: Tales of the Supernatural (short story and poetry collection)
Courting Death (psychological thriller/murder mystery)

Dr. Silvio’s dynamic personality keeps her seeking new opportunities that allow her to make an impact. It is this natural zest for life and thirst for knowledge that has led Dr. Silvio to strive to grow and develop in many areas.

In addition to her success as a prolific author, she is a co-creator and trainer of a nationwide police training program focused on effective de-escalation techniques, an award-winning screenwriter, a masterful actress on stage, film, and television, and a gifted jazz and blues singer.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Dr. Silvio’s interests include marathon training (Hawaii 2017!), reading (no surprises there), and volunteer work (including Helping Hands of Vegas Valley.)

Dr. Silvio lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her business consultant and photographer husband Sidney Oster and their beloved cat, Snowball.